Care to Introduce Us?

The best recruits are often closer than you think. Internal staff communications promoting the mutual benefits of referring a friend to Somerset Care’s extended family.

Care to Introduce Us?

It pays to look after the people closest to you. Our friendly candidate introduction campaign helped Somerset Care recruit closer to home.

Join the Caravan of Love

Every woman, every man couldn’t resist the spirit of the FREE. Campaign invitations and advertising for Webbs Motor Caravan Summer Revival Event.




Join the Caravan of Love

Six exclusive Motor Caravan launches, one clear and accessible communication. Our simply illustrated new product point of sale for Webbs Motor Caravans grabbed the attention of the motorhome enthusiast.

Calling All The Heroes

The right people at the right time. Targeted 111 Call Advisor recruitment campaign, designed to attract a wide, but select, range of candidates to South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.

The Missing Ingredient

Finding the best people people isn’t always about the money. This emotive recruitment campaign for 111 Non-Emergency Call Advisors ensured the right kind of response for South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.

The Missing Ingredient

Sometimes you just have to show how much it means. The ultimate job satisfaction recruitment campaign designed to attract the most inspired Nurses to South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.

Share a Joke

Time to get mobile. Our amusing, but thought-provoking landlord recruitment digital campaign for Enterprise’s 5,000+ UK wide pubs.

More Doors for Yours

Opening up more opportunities for the new MINI 5-Door Hatch. High-impact social media campaign that captured the imagination and plenty of prospect data.

Gone in a Flash

There’s nothing like a mobile device to give a campaign a sense of immediacy. Cooper Group’s customers responded quick sharp to the latest BMW offers responsive campaign.

Gone in a Flash

Bang on the button. Another hard hitting email campaign for the Cooper BMW Group’s exceptional demonstrator stock reduction event.

Serious Pub Landlords Wanted

Many a true word spoken in jest. Putting the smile on the faces of potential Publicans in Enterprise’s national recruitment campaign.

Grand Thrift Auto

Taking Used Car Events to the extreme. Approved Used MINI event notifying customers that MINIs are going for a ‘steal’ and encouraging them to arrive in the ‘nick’ of time.

Campaigns with Personality

Sometimes the soft sell works harder. Sales and letting agent campaign for Martin & Co with the purpose of helping them meet prospective landlords in their comfort zone.

Bright Ideas

Bright futures start at Weston College and we had the bright idea of turning their brand on its head with this illuminating student recruitment campaign.

Bright Ideas

From web and social media, right down to print in local publications, the campaign looked perfect in all mediums.

Sun, Ski and Bus Stops

Ideas to beat the daily grind. Commuter route outdoor campaign promoting the lure of surf and snow with it’s easy access direct from Bristol Airport.

They Don’t Always Add Up

Agreeing the new accountancy brand is 50% creativity, 30% practicality and 20% subjectivity. Just a few of the brand development designs that didn’t quite calculate.

They Don’t Always Add Up

Efficient accounting doesn’t always have to be black and white. Colour alternatives for Old Mill Accountancy Group’s Graduate Trainee Programme brand.

Every Expense Spared

Sometimes a campaign can appear a bit too polished. Simple and low budget event materials designed and produced to portray the image that sale cars had been reduced down to their very last penny.

The Answer You Need

Simple, clear, and response driven. This multi-channel recruitment campaign for South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, ensured that only the very best calibre Call Advisors would deliver the Non-Emergency 111 Service.

A Democratic Campaign

When election fever was sweeping the country, our Toyota Facebook campaign certainly won the vote of prospective buyers. Having confidence in the candidates, clearly makes a difference.

Opportunities Not Problems

Breaking with Christmas tradition. Incentivising the Cooper Group’s customers to buy a New BMW, in what is ordinarily a quiet time of the year for vehicle sales, with a deferred payment proposition.


News Let Us

Content is king. Online or in print, making Martin & Co’s property news worthy of a good read.

News Let Us

It’s going to have to be a pretty compelling reason to convince a Landlord to switch their agent. We made sure that the Martin & Co proposition was an open and shut case.