Chris Taylor

A fan of cycling and upcycling

Chris learnt the trade up north at Sheffield Hallam Uni in the ‘Steel City’ before moving to the south coast and taking his first role down in Bournemouth. After a couple of years he moved back to his home city of Bristol to continue his progression, where he continued to fine tune his craft over the next 5 years before joining t&s via a stint in New Zealand.

What do you do all day?

After a cycle and a coffee the day can begin. I work across all aspects in the studio: print, social, web, and animation. Whether it’s creating a campaign, an intricate piece of packaging, branding, press adverts, or a 5-minute animation for google ads; in short, picking up all the projects that allow the smooth running of the agency.

What are you best at?

A master of juggling projects across print, digital and motion from the big projects to the small, with strong ideas and crafting throughout. Whilst at the same time still picking up all the projects that allow the smooth continual running of the agency.

And the real Chris?

Outside of work, I can be found outdoors. Either cycling across the country on my latest bike-packing adventure, tackling a duathlon, or hiking the highest peak I can find, and once the seasons have changed, hurtling down it on a snowboard. Aside from these exploits, I’m a keen creator of upcycled furniture, a live music enthusiast, and have a passion for cooking.