Jenny Bacon

A self-confessed numbers nerd

I have been working in PPC for 11 years and worn pretty much every hat possible! Starting in a graduate scheme in one company, I then followed my line manager when he started his own business. From there I moved up the ladder from a Junior Account Manager to managing a small team, before changing roles to focus more on strategy, which is my favourite part of the job – the meticulous analysis of plotting a course through AI and algorithms to drive profitable and meaningful results for our clients. I love the analysis and getting nerdy about making all the numbers move in the right direction!

What do you do all day?

Every day is varied, I could be optimising campaigns, researching new keywords, writing ad copy, or compiling reports! You can always guarantee laughs on team meetings though! 

What are you best at?

Figuring out where search ad campaigns are going wrong and how to fix them.

And the real Jenny?

I’m a massive theatre nerd, particularly when it comes to musicals (my Broadway favourites playlist is over 15 hours long)! I also love to travel and take as many opportunities as possible to explore new cities or get some well-deserved sunshine!