A share of 100 hours is yours to claim…

We’re thrilled to be the Official Design and Marketing Partner of Care Show London 2024. To celebrate, we’re delighted to offer Care Show Conference delegates the chance to win a share of 100 hours of #FreeCREATIVE time (that’s up to £12k worth of premium creative talent for absolutely nothing!).

As a fully integrated, award-winning, creative and content marketing agency, born and thriving in Bristol, our mission is to create multi-channel communications that stand out visually, engage and convert, all delivered with exceptional customer service. #FreeCREATIVE is your chance to see first-hand how we can solve a particular challenge you’re facing, come up with some fresh and innovative ideas, and help revolutionise the way your customers think about your brand and business.

Challenge us to #FreeCREATIVE…

We will consider all requests, and award up to 20 hours of #FreeCREATIVE per brief, to the challenges that inspire us the most. Rest assured, we won’t discriminate between briefs on size, budget or subject – we simply need to unleash the best ideas to the outside world! We will start awarding our winners from 6th May 2024, so look out for announcements on our social channels. 

Want to know the ways in which #FreeCREATIVE could help your business? Read our blog ‘What is #FreeCREATIVE?’ to see how we helped a local authority promote the benefits of their telecare solutions out in the community using a modern twist on a pop-up! 


No creatives will be harmed during this event!

Good luck!

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