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Win a Share of #FreeCREATIVE…

If you, or your brand’s marketing communications aren’t quite unlocking its full business potential, you might just need a little bit of free-thinking dynamite. #FreeCREATIVE can do just that.

A share of 200 hours of #FreeCREATIVE is yours to claim.

In celebration of our creative partnership with The Care Show, we’re giving away 200 hours of inspiration time (that’s £20k worth of premium creative talent for absolutely nothing!) until February to those who need us most. From clever concepts to cunning content, our team of freedom fighters could be giving their all to revolutionise the way your customers think about you.

We will consider all requests, and award up to 20 hours of #FreeCREATIVE per brief, to the challenges that inspire us the most. Rest assured, we won’t discriminate between briefs on size, budget or subject – we simply need to unleash the best ideas to the outside world! Some of these will be awarded starting the week commencing 18th October, but depending on levels of interest, we might need a little more wiggle room.

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

No creatives will be harmed during this event!

Winners will be announced on our social media, so keep your eyes peeled.

Good Luck!