How to create a digital community for consumers, boosting loyalty to brands

As a brand, it’s a given that connecting with your customers can add serious value to your long term goals, but have you ever considered social media to be the most crucial element to this?

Users are becoming more interested in a companies core ethos and values, in turn seeking real connections through mutual beliefs with their favourite brands. With the right approach, this shift in expectation from consumers could help brands create a loyal customer base that takes your business to new heights. This new wave of consumer isn’t interested in a sales pitch, but instead understanding the crux of why you do what you do, and finding common interests that really resonate.

Incredibly, 91% percent of consumers believe social can connect people, and 78% want brands to use social to bring them together. – Sprout Social

It’s clear to see that people are turning to brands and expecting more than ever before, but how achievable is this for brands? Here’s a few tips to kick-start your brand’s digital community…

3. Create trust with your audience
Consumers can be put off when brands constantly push sales across social platforms. Work to build a genuine connection with users and you’ll have a customer for life. Why not give consumers an insight into who you are and what you do. This allows users to buy in to your brand as a whole, not just a funky shirt you want to increase sales.

2. Ensure your core values are clear
Do you have ethical or sustainable values? Do you drive in-house activations to raise money for charity? Are you passionate about closing the gender pay gap? Openly talking about your core values as a brand through social fits in to the current conversation, where users are passionate about worldwide issues and standing up for what they believe in. If you’re looking to stay relevant, dive in at the deep end on this one.

1. Understand your audience
This is fundamental in successfully smashing your social media output. If you don’t understand your audience by now, you may want to go and revisit this crucial element of your business. Getting to grips with who you’re talking to and what they want from you as a brand can help your digital community flourish. Research and implementing strong strategies works wonders, but make sure that you’re flexible to move with your evolving audience. Mix up formats, try new things and push boundaries.


By brands shifting their social media objectives to enhance a users experience, encouraging conversation and community growth, the bond between user and brand will be stronger than ever. Show them you understand them. Stay relevant. Then watch as your loyal customers bloom.

Ultimately be conscious of your audience, your brand wouldn’t be successful without them.